Among the stars

So, regress with me for a moment and I will attempt to explain the meaning behind my blog title. The year is 1989 ish, and I am, let’s say, ten years old. Who has seen the cartoon movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book “The BFG?” If you haven’t then this will be more difficult so go watch it. It’s on youtube. Seriously, I’ll wait….

We good now? Ok, so remember the scene when the BFG takes Sophie up the Dreamway to Dream Country and she is floating around in this giant sparkling nebula of awesome? All I can say is the background painters on this film were geniuses and they have my loyalty forever. Think glitter cotton candy and a million clear holiday twinkle lights. Then there is the cute little song playing which asks, “If you could stay forever, would you?” You bet your frobscottle I would stay there forever. This is my idea of heaven, flying in a glittering, living cloud of stars.

So, over the next few years I made it my personal mission to recreate Dream Country in my bedroom. Lucky for me, around this time some delightful person invented glow in the dark, stick on stars. Oh, how many packages of stars did I buy? I would be afraid of the number and dollar amount which I believe was about $3.85 for a pack of 18 assorted size stars. Suffice to say that, in the end, I had the entire ceiling of a 12 x 12 room, and some of the walls, adequately coated in glowing plastic. I also had the brilliant idea to suspend a bunch from fishing line ( and the ceiling fan) to create an immersive 3-D effect. ┬áThe first time the lights went out when the project was completed…Epic. I had not anticipated the bonus effect that my wood floors would provide as they reflected the glow back from the floor. It was utterly amazing and I have never ever felt anything that equaled that sense of wonder. I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff in my life, but this was my shining (no pun intended) moment. I really felt like I was floating in the light of a thousand stars.

So now a dilemma. I have a lovely unfinished room in my house that I plan on turning into a media room/library. I have had the thought to try to recreate my star room as an adult. My fear is that, no matter how hard I try, I won’t ever get the same effect. I have a feeling that the memory remembered by my child-self was very much “in the moment” and wouldn’t translate to an adult. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my inner child with a bad execution of my best memory, so I think I will put it aside for now.

I hope everyone has at least one epic childhood memory floating around up there in dream country. Maybe one day the BFG will blow it back into your bedroom window and give you another look.