Crahan Denton, you inspire me.

So, two days ago I came home at 7 am and found my dog watching The Donna Reed Show on television. Normally it’s the Beverly Hillbillies, (she really likes watching Elly May and her critters) but I was late today. I sat down and scratched her head and watched my first ever episode of Donna Reed. During this particular episode, Donna buys her husband a gold watch from a pawn shop. The watch has an inscription on the inside and leads Doctor Reed to track down the former owner, a Mr. Babcock, played by actor Crahan Denton. I didn’t recognize Mr. Denton while I was watching the show, but I probably should have. At one point in the show Mr. Babcock in having dinner at the Reeds’ house, and he is describing his interest in ornithology. For a few seconds Mr. DentonĀ is absolutely enthralling with the emotion he projects into Mr. Babcock’s love of birds. It was so powerful it had me believing that this wasn’t an actor, but an actual, down on his luck, ornithologist they somehow found for this episode of the show. I watched the rest of the episode, which had a somewhat rushed but happy ending, and then made a beeline for the internet to find out just who played Mr. Babcock the passionate ornithologist. Thank you IMDB for slapping me in the face with Mr. Denton’s filmography which included one of my favorite movies of all time “To Kill a Mockingbird,” in which Mr. Denton plays Walter Cunningham Sr. He also acted in “Birdman of Alcatraz” which I have not seen but definitely will now. This is what acting is people. Find a way to see season 4, episode 27 of The Donna Reed Show titled “Once Upon a Timepiece” if you can.