You put the cream in the coffee cup and drink it all up… I say wooooo doctor

2015-04-23 14.33.39

As I was cleaning my coffee maker this afternoon I took the time to really appreciate all the pretty shiny parts. I mean, who would have thought that the clever machine that makes my delicious cups of caffeinated goodness could also be so aesthetically pleasing, and worthy of a kind of idol worship? You bring it sacrificial gifts of a clean mug, cold filtered water, and the fragrant ground up fruit of the Coffea Arabica, and behold! It grants your wish for a steaming cup of eau de la vie. My thoughts took a dark turn, however, when I began to ponder how I could make a kick-ass mobile sculpture thing from the star spangled drip tray cover. Or…several…pillaged…drip. tray. covers. Mwwwhahahaha!          Whoa! More coffee? Yes, please.