Gambling With My Taste Buds


When I’m bored and feel like getting all jacked up on coffee and sugar I like to play this little game I call “Jelly Bean Roulette.” I’m a big fan of most of the Jelly Belly brand flavors, but there are a few that I absolutely cannot stand. However, instead of doing the smart thing and picking out the offensive beans, I like to roll the dice and reach blindly into the bag, popping a random selection into my mouth. The majority of the time this action results in a smile, but every once in a while the fickle finger of fate smites me with Licorice, or Juicy Pear, or even the dreaded Top Banana. This game also works with the Harry Potter every flavor beans, but I have a much higher retch ratio with those so I stick to the regular JB’s. I’m not a sadist or anything.


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