Don’t Cry Over Missing Negatives

So about three years ago I went to a local national park while they were doing a Civil War battle reenactment, and I took some really great photos in sepia of cannons being fired. My favorite was when they were resting, and one of them was kinda draped over the barrel of the cannon. I have since switched computers and somewhere in the swap I have lost all the photos I took that day. I am trying not to be heartbroken, but it’s difficult. Anyone have a similar story?

Lego my Katana

Sitting here at the office, admiring my mini figure collection and I am struck by the fact that Lego said “what the heck” and made the samurai figure a girl. She looks all kinda fierce too. Good for you Lego.  Girl Power!


Calm Before the Storm


About two minutes after I took this picture (from the open window of my car) on Tuesday night, lightning struck a house as I drove by. Luckily nobody was injured, but the fire burned it almost to the ground. Then another lightning strike melted the traffic signal at a major intersection in the same area. Mother Nature was angry about something.