Show Me The Future

So I was just looking at an online weather map checking on the massive storm passing over my way, and trying to decide when it was going to hit us when one of my employees looks over my shoulder and says, “You know if you hit that button right there,” he indicated a button on the radar map, “it will show you…The Future.”

I spit my coffee half way across the room in a fit of hysterics for which, I can offer NO explanation.

Move Along, Mothing To See Here


DSC_0224Sometimes it’s a struggle to get out of bed. I’ve been having that kind of month. I’m pretty sure motivation is out there somewhere flitting around like a moth looking for that special glowing light, but the bulb on my porch is burnt out for sure. Or maybe there is a light on out there, but as you get closer you realize too late that it’s a bug zapper. Motivational Moth is not amused by your shenanigans…